Aquaculture Dialogues

Talking to Death

WWF have been busily promoting standards for farmed salmon and shrimp via their 'Aquaculture Dialogues' for years. According to WWF,

...when finalized, the standards will be given to a new organization, the Aquaculture Stewardship Council, that will be responsible for working with independent, third party entities to certify farms that are in compliance with the standards.

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WWF's Aquaculture Dialogues have been roundly criticized as pandering to the vested business interests of industry rather than upholding environmental concerns.  WWF Norway even accepted blood money from the world's largest salmon farming company (Marine Harvest) in return for the panda stamp of approval.  By cravenly kowtowing to the salmon farming industry WWF are talking wild salmon to death. 

The Salmon Aquaculture Dialogue meeting in Bergen, Norway, in November 2009, for example, was interrupted by the Green Warriors of Norway who unveiled a 'Skin the Corrupt Panda' banner attacking both WWF and Marine Harvest.

Skin The Corrupt Panda

"There is no right way to do something wrong", said Green Warriors' leader Kurt Oddekalv.

It is absurd to waste 2.5-5.5 kg of healthy and pure wild fish to feed 1 kg polluted farmed salmon, when humans could have eaten half of the wild fish.

More details via the Green Warriors of Norway.