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Raining on Cermaq’s ‘Sustainability’ Charade

Like the Emperor’s New Clothes, Cermaq is attempting to re-brand itself as a company cloaked in ‘sustainability.’

The Abominable Salmon Council - Buyer Beware!

Read article in full complete with photos and graphics online here

Norwegian Disease Strikes at the Heart of British Columbia

The Norwegian-owned salmon farming industry is embroiled in yet another disease disaster with supermarkets in Canada now caught in the cross-fire of contamination. 

Loch Duart's 'Sustainable Salmon' Scam Exposed


Gagging the Truth Becomes Mainstream

Norway’s Injunction Kills Free Speech!

Closing Norway's Noose on Freedom of Speech

Cermaq's Clusterfuck

The ‘Salmon Farming Kills’ lawsuit is now entering the final week with only the closing arguments to come (today is Day 17 in the scheduled 20 day trial). 

Green Warriors of the World Unite!

Oddekalv & Staniford join forces to fight Norwegian-owned salmon farming

Going Viral - 'Salmon Farming Kills' Spreading Like ISA