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Salmon SLAPP Spawns Heavyweight Fish Fight

The ‘Salmon Farming Kills’ lawsuit between the Norwegian-owned giant Cermaq and Don Staniford is shaping up into a fierce fight with the bloody and brutal battle expected to go the full distance until 10 February.  Today (27 January) marks the half-way point – Day 10 – in the scheduled 20 day trial and could see the defendant (Don Staniford) take the witness stand for the first time.  Mr.

Blowing Smoke on Salmon

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest and The Girl Who Played With Fire

Week 1 Review: Cermaq Vs. Staniford

GAAIA Back Online - 'Salmon Farming Kills' campaign makes waves in Norway!

The Global Alliance Against Industrial Aquaculture is fighting back against the Norwegian-owned salmon farming industry and their heavy-handed lawyers who closed down the GAAIA web-site in March 2011.  GAAIA today (22nd January 2012) re-launched the web-site with the new domain name 'Salmon Farming Kills.'

Licence to Kill - Salmon Farmers in Firing Line During 2011 Scottish Slaughter of Seals

This year’s Queen’s Speech could have the public choking on their smoked salmon at the thought of the slaughter of hundreds of seals by Scottish salmon farmers – and may prompt Her Majesty to develop a stammer like King George VI.  Sir Sean Connery - Scotland’s iconic 007 in the James Bond series including the film ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’ - may even be forced to come out of retirement to kkkkkkkkkkill 1,300 seals across Scotland during 2011.

Salmon Pharming Kills Lobsters!

The toxicly-challenged Canadian Government seems hell-bent on opening the floodgates to a deadly wave of lethal chemicals.  Cynics might suggest that the Canadian Government is only attempting to make legal what has gone on illegally for decades. 

Prince Charles pops in for afternoon tea and wild salmon sandwiches

The Seafood Summit had a very special guest this afternoon when His Royal Highness Prince Charles popped in for an afternoon chat.

Prince Charles is much better known as a talker to his plants in the royal greenhouse but he also knows oceans.  And he well knows the difference between wild salmon and farmed salmon. 

ASC on a ‘mission’ impossible to brand farmed salmon as “responsible”

GAAIA’s crusade against industrial aquaculture kick-started this morning here at the Seafood Summit in Vancouver.  

Demonizing salmon pharmers

Devilish journalists (many of whom dared to write negative news stories on salmon farming during 2010) were grilled like PCB-contaminated farmed salmon during a Seafood Summit panel discussion on reporting on the sustainable seafood movement titled “Between the Deadline and the Deep Blue Sea”.