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Talking the Talk – walking the walk back to Norway?

The BC Salmon Farmers’ Association are blowing so much hot air here in Vancouver that summit organizers have had to turn the central heating off. 

Bridging the Gap – GAPI makes for a happy blue planet?

The Global Aquaculture Performance Index (GAPI) was the subject of a lively discussion during this morning’s Seafood Summit.   “Defining ‘sustainable’ aquaculture is especially challenging due to scare and often inconsistent data, incomplete science, and wide-ranging impacts across vastly different production regions,” said the introduction to the panel.  Enter GAPI to the international rescue. 

Raising Tigers of the Sea

Such is the stench coming from the tuna farming sector in the Mediterranean it may even rival the can of worms that is the BC salmon farming industry.  At the Seafood Summit this morning Roberto Mielgo Bregazzi (a former tuna farmer) and Sergi Tudela (WWF) lifted the lid on illegal tuna farming and it wasn’t pretty.  

Case Closed for Containment – it’s Coming!

Closed containment came of age at the Seafood Summit in Vancouver yesterday afternoon (Monday).   

Fighting for fish meals not fishmeal

Two true ocean champions made a big splash this afternoon at the Seafood Summit in Vancouver.  Dr. Jennifer Jacquet and Dr. Patricia Majluf made passionate pleas to stop the farming of carnivorous fish like salmon and start promoting direct wild fish consumption of so-called forage fish such as anchovies.   

Going Wild for Salmon at the Seafood Summit with the Mayor of Vancouver

The 2011 Seafood Summit is off to a flying start with the Mayor of Vancouver, Gregor Robertson, welcoming delegates to the city of wild salmon. 

GAAIA launches new 'Salmon Farming Kills' campaign at Seafood Summit

The Global Alliance Against Industrial Aquaculture launched a new 'Salmon Farming Kills' campaign on Monday 31st January at the 2011 Seafood Summit in Vancouver.  

Read our press release "Global Warning Issued on Farmed Salmon".

More details via 'Salmon Farming Kills'