New consumer campaign launched - coming to supermarkets and restaurants across Europe!

Read the press release (9 December 2014): "Shopped: Net Closes on Fishy Salmon Labelling"

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From 13 December 2014, retailers in the European Union were forced to label whether salmon was farmed or wild as well as specify the country of origin.  Consumers across Europe were also given greater powers to scrutinize the environmental claims made by supermarkets and restaurants regarding farmed salmon.

Watch a video explaining the new EU regulations - online here

Watch a video showing examples of fishy salmon labelling in supermarkets in England - online here

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Please donate to support the campaign - GAAIA will be visiting as many retailers as possible across Europe (starting with England, Wales and Scotland) and needs your help to pay for petrol (and farmed salmon - for evidence to file complaints with Trading Standards)! 

Donate now online here

GAAIA is also seeking salmon spies to visit supermarkets and restaurants across the European Union - we need photos and case reports to compile a dossier of non-compliance with the new labelling laws. 

If you are interested in assisting please email Don Staniford at