The Global Alliance Against Industrial Aquaculture is an international network dedicated to advancing environmentally and socially responsible aquaculture. GAAIA recognizes that salmon, shrimp, tuna and 'Frankenfish' farming jeopardizes sustainable and safe seafood production. By highlighting worst aquaculture practices, GAAIA will lead the fight against standards-setting and certification schemes for farmed salmon and shrimp farming in particular. 

Contact: dstaniford@gaaia.org

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New campaign launched: Scottish Salmon Watch!

Logos five chemicals seals mortalities lice diseases

Read more via: Press Release: "Scrutiny for Scottish Salmon" (28 February 2018)

New report:  Scottish Salmon Farming 101 (16 January 2018)

Scottish Salmon Farming 101 #1 cover

Download report in full via Scottish Salmon Farming 101

PR BBC Lifts Lid on Dead Salmon Run 13 Dec 2017 #1

Online in full via Press Release: "BBC's 'Dead Salmon Run' Opens Can of Worms"


PR snapshot #1

Online in full via Press Release: "Millions of Scottish Salmon Going Up in Smoke"

Press Release: "Red Light for Scottish salmon: Scotland is ranked worst in the world" (12 November 2017)

Farmed salmon from Scotland is ranked as the world's worst - according to recent assessments by Seafood Watch which recommends avoiding farmed salmon from Scotland, Norway, Chile and Atlantic Canada [1].  The red ranking for Scottish farmed salmon - which scored a woeful 2.65 out of 10 - was attributed to poor performance in terms of chemicals, disease and escapes [2]


Seafood Watch report Sept 2017 #ranking summary


Read more via The Sunday Times

Online in full via Press Release: "Red Light for Scottish salmon: Scotland is ranked worst in the world"

GAAIA reported (25 June 2017): Press Release: "Marine Harvest: Scotland's #1 Seal Killer"

Marine Harmfest logo with dead seals

Data published by the Scottish Government reveals that Marine Harvest killed over a quarter of the seals shot in Scotland in 2016.  Since 2011 (from when official figures are publicly available), Marine Harvest has killed 102 seals shooting up from 5 seals killed in 2013 to 26 seals killed in 2016.  Marine Harvest - the world's largest salmon farming company - supplies Sainsbury's as well as Waitrose


Ben Hadfield, Managing Director of Marine Harvest Scotland, told today's Sunday Times: “If seals keep attacking the fish, then, like a farmer kills foxes, we shoot them.”  Read more via: "Seals shot to save Waitrose salmon".

Download press release in full with Notes to Editors online here



The Sunday Herald reported (18 June 2017):


Sunday Herald 18 June 2017 #1

Read more via:



Press Release: "Cetaceans Sound Alarm On Salmon Farms - new research sparks EC complaint & call to ban Acoustic Deterrent Devices"  (7 May 2017)

New research - "Large-scale underwater noise pollution from Acoustic Deterrent Devices (ADDs) on the west coast of Scotland" -  presented earlier this week at the European Cetacean Society conference in Denmark sounds the alarm on the use of ADDs on Scottish salmon farms. 

ECS paper abstract 1 May 2017

The Global Alliance Against Industrial Aquaculture is now calling for an immediate ban on the use of ADDs on salmon farms to protect cetaceans, especially harbour porpoises on the West coast of Scotland. 

Read more via today's Sunday Herald: "Health of whales, dolphins and porpoises put at risk by underwater alarms"

Sunday Herald 7 May 2017 #1

Today (7 May), GAAIA filed a formal complaint with the European Commission against the UK and Scottish Government for the "deliberate & reckless disturbance" of cetaceans (European Protected Species) including breach of The Conservation (Natural Habitats, &c.) Regulations 1994 (as amended in Scotland) and breach of the Inner Hebrides and the Minches candidate Special Area of Conservation (cSAC) for harbour porpoise submitted to the European Commission in 2016.

Download press release with Notes to Editors as a PDF online here

Press Release: "Viking Invasion Taints 'Scottish' Salmon" (16 April 2017)

Exclusive data obtained via Freedom of Information reveals that 90% of 'Scottish' salmon is now imported as eggs from overseas with Norway accounting for 86% of egg imports.  Campaigners are now calling on the Scottish Government to curb egg imports to protect the genetic integrity and sanitary status of 'Scottish' salmon. 

Read more in today's Sunday Times: "‘Tartan imposters’ charge as fish egg imports hit 90%"


Sunday Times 16 April 2017 #1

Download press release in full with Notes to Editors online here



Press Release: "Red Alert for Scottish Salmon - Protest Against Label Rouge in Edinburgh" (16 March 2017)

Photo 3

"Front Page of Sunday Herald: "Revealed: Scandal of 45 Lochs Trashed by Pollution"" (26 February 2017)

Sunday Herald 26 Feb 2017 Tweet

Read more via:


"Antibiotic-ridden Scottish salmon" (20 February 2017)

PR Antibiotic-ridden Scottish salmon 20 Feb 2017 #1

Bergens Tidende featured GAAIA's 'Salmon Farming Kills' campaign in a magazine feature article today (11 February 2017) - read online here

Bergens Tidende 12 Feb 2017 website

GAAIA was also featured in The Sunday Times and The Financial Times:


Read GAAIA's press release "Sky-Rocketing Chemical Use on Scottish Salmon Farms" (12 February 2017)

Super-sized Scottish Salmon - 8,000 tonnes of trouble on the horizon! (5 February 2017)

Exclusive documents obtained from the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) reveal secret plans to expand Scotland's salmon farming industry - including proposals for super-sized salmon farms producing up to 8,000 tonnes of farmed salmon.  Today's Sunday Herald reports: "Outrage over secret plans to base world's biggest salmon farm in Scotland".

Sunday Herald 5 Feb 2017 #1

Read more via:


Policing Lice-Ridden Scottish Salmon- New "Enforcement Regime" following £300 million losses (9 January 2017)

A new 'Enforcement Regime' policing lice-ridden Scottish salmon farms is to be introduced from 1 April 2017 - despite "grumbles" from the salmon farming industry.

Read more via The Herald: "Imminent action on £300m sea lice problem" (9 January 2017)


Herald 9 Jan 2017 #1


Documents obtained via FOI from the Scottish Government reveal that sea lice damage is costing Scottish salmon farming an estimated £300 million per year [1].  Whilst other countries publish site specific sea lice data, Scotland is "out of kilter" concedes a briefing to the Cabinet Secretary.  "The aquaculture industry have strong concerns relating to commercial confidentiality and operational sensitivities," stated another briefing.  The salmon farming industry "remain resistant to increased legislative controls citing lack of evidence of impacts and significant commercial risks associated with offences or Enforcement Notices," admitted another briefing. 


Download a summary of the FOI reply online here (and the 74-page PDF in full online here)

Download the press release as a PDF online here

"Recipe for Ruin - SEPA Lifts Limits on Salmon Farms" (8 January 2017)

Despite escalating sea lice, infectious disease and chemical resistance problems, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) is gearing up to remove biomass limits on salmon farming production across Scotland.

"Lifting the limits is sheer lunacy," said Don Staniford of the Global Alliance Against Industrial Aquaculture.  "The salmon farming industry is already dealing with escalating sea lice infestation, chemical resistance and disease problems.  Removing what few controls there are in favour of unrestricted expansion is a recipe for ruin.  Salmon farms, even at current capacity, are causing widespread benthic impacts with dead zones under cages.  Increasing production will effectively wipe out whole swathes of the sea-bed.  This is Scotland's very own 'Silent Spring of the Sea'."
Read more in The Sunday Herald: "Plans to scrap fish farm limits slammed"

Sunday Herald 8 Jan 2017 #1

Sunday Herald 8 Jan 2017 #2


Read The Sunday Times (1 January 2017): "Salmon industry toxins soar by 1000 per cent"


Graphs 2016-2002 Totals of ALL chemicals in colour graph


More details via GAAIA's press release (1 January 2017): "Fish Farmageddon: Scottish Salmon's Lethal Legacy - Ten-fold Increase in Toxic Chemical Use in Ten Years"


6 November 2016

'Thermolicer' Back-Fires Killing 95,400 Farmed Salmon
- £2.7 million up in flames for Marine Harvest on Isle of Skye

Information obtained from the Scottish Government via FOI reveals that 95,400 farmed salmon were killed during July and August this year by a 'Thermolicer' at Marine Harvest's salmon farm in Loch Greshornish on the Isle of Skye.  A briefing note to the Cabinet Secretary for Rural Economy and Connectivity in September reported that the mass mortalities (460 tonnes) cost Marine Harvest £2.7 million and "highlights the ongoing difficulties and costs faced by industry with regards to sea lice management".  In an embarrassing twist the Thermolicer was described as "a recent £4 million investment by Scottish Sea Farms rented by Marine Harvest" [1]
Read an Exclusive by Rob Edwards in today's Sunday Herald newspaper: "Oops: fish farm firm kills 175,000 of its salmon by accident"

Thermolicer SSF photo

Photo: Scotland's First Thermolicer delivered to Scottish Sea Farms in July 2016


Other documents obtained by GAAIA via Freedom of Information detail other mortality and disease problems at Marine Harvest salmon farms during 2016 totalling ca. 350,000 dead farmed salmon - the incidents include:
- 60,000 farmed salmon (13% mortality) killed by Hydrogen peroxide treatment for AGD at Soay on Harris (with a further 17,226 morts earlier in the year due to Peroxide/Salmosan treatment in well boat)
- "Lorries loads of dead fish removed for destruction on almost daily basis" in Lewis
- 84,820 dead salmon (15% mortality) at Grey Horse Channel (Sound of Harris) due to AGD and Pancreas Disease
- 77,884 dead salmon (11 mortality) at Invasion Bay (Loch Sunart) due to "maturation"
- 23,854 dead salmon due to Pancreas Disease at Ardintoul (Loch Alsh)

Download press release with Notes to Editors via Thermolicer' Back-Fires Killing 95,400 Farmed Salmon: £2.7 million up in flames for Marine Harvest on Isle of Skye


Read more via:

FOI Backgrounder: Mortalities & Disease at Marine Harvest during 2016 - FOI reply from Scottish Government (28 October 2016)

Thermolicer Backgrounder


23 September 2016

The Two Billion Dollar Salmon Ban!
- Scotland, Canada, Chile, Faroe Islands, Norway & New Zealand in Firing Line


New U.S. rules protecting marine mammals could cost trigger-happy salmon farmers around the world a staggering $2 billion in lost export markets for farmed salmon!
In emails to the Global Alliance Against Industrial Aquaculture, the U.S. Government has confirmed that salmon farms in Maine and Washington do NOT kill marine mammals  - in stark contrast to lethal salmon farms in Scotland, Canada, Chile, Faroe Islands, New Zealand and Australia (with question marks hanging over Norway and Ireland).  
In order to comply with U.S. standards (i.e. zero marine mammals killed), farmed salmon sourced from salmon farms which kills seals, sea lions, dolphins and even whales will be banned from the lucrative U.S. market by 1 January 2022 (when the Fish and Fish Product Import Provisions of the Marine Mammal Protection Act  is enforced).  

Read press release in full online here

15 September 2016

Salmon Slap for Kate in Canada

Campaigners are calling on the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to endorse wild salmon not farmed salmon during the royal visit to Canada later this month.  The royal party will be presented with a gift of wild salmon when they arrive in Victoria (24 September) and challenged to issue a public statement pledging to boycott farmed salmon.  
"Shamefully, both William and Kate have been cheerleaders for the disease-ridden salmon farming industry in Scotland," said Don Staniford, Director of the Global Alliance Against Industrial Aquaculture (GAAIA).  

Royal blog #9 photo clapping


"Serving guests at their royal wedding diseased farmed salmon was a slap in the face for healthy wild fish and still leaves a nasty taste in the mouth.  Farmed salmon is not fit for the Queen’s corgis let alone young children like Princess Charlotte and Prince George.  Wild salmon is clearly the King of Fish not the farmed imposter with the fake tan, lice-infested skin, parasitic mushy flesh and cancer-causing chemical contamination."

Download press release as a PDF via "Salmon Slap for Kate in Canada"

6th September 2016

Five-Year stay of execution for Scottish salmon's serial killers - US outlaws killing of marine mammals by 2022

Despite sceptical media reports, a new U.S. rule published last month explicitly states that salmon farms must stop killing seals in order to export to the lucrative U.S. market [1].  Scottish salmon - the UK's #1 food export - now risks being banned from the £200 million per year U.S. market over Scotland's ongoing seal slaughter which exceeds 1,500 dead seals since 2011.  Importing countries will have a five-year interim exemption period (starting on 1 January 2017) to implement a regulatory program that "prohibits the intentional killing or serious injury of marine mammals in all fisheries".

Read press release in full online here


US seal flag graphic



4th September 2016
US ban on lethal Scottish salmon - £200 million in exports killed off by seal slaughter

The UK's #1 food export - Scottish salmon - faces being banned from the  lucrative U.S. market over Scotland's ongoing seal slaughter which exceeds 1,500 dead seals since 2011
Read more in today's Sunday Herald: "End the slaughter of seals in Scotland now"
To comply with new U.S. standards to be implemented on 1 January 2017, importing countries must implement a regulatory program that "prohibits the intentional killing or serious injury of marine mammals in all fisheries" stated the import provisions issued last month.   
Read more via "NOAA establishes international marine mammal bycatch criteria for U.S. imports" and "Seafood Import Provisions under the Marine Mammal Protection Act"
"The new U.S. rules are a body blow for Scottish salmon which is shamefully drenched in the blood of dead seals," said Don Staniford, Director of the Global Alliance Against Industrial Aquaculture.  "If Scottish salmon farmers do not stop killing seals then this ruling could cost the industry over £200 million per year and leave a gaping hole in the UK's number one food export."

Nigel Smith photo #3 bloody seal

Press release including backgrounder available as a PDF online here

18 January 2016:

Press Release: "Save Scottish Salmon: Stop Norwegian Salmon Farms Killing Wild Fish!"

The iconic Atlantic salmon is facing imminent extinction on the West coast of Scotland due to the lethal impacts of escapes, diseases and parasites from salmon farms.  Salmon farming is quite literally killing wild fish - that's the stark message from yesterday's Mail On Sunday newspaper.

Mail on Sunday 18 Jan 2016 Double Thumbnail

29 November 2015:

According to the Scottish Government, 80% of salmon farms in Scotland still do not use anti-predator nets and 67% do not use seal blinds despite claims that seals are only shot as a 'last resort'. 

Read more via:

Sunday Times online 29 Nov 2015 #1

30 October 2015:

Download press release - "Stop Shooting Seals for Salmon Meals!" (30 October 2015) - online here


PR 30 October 2015 Stop Shooting Seals for Salmon Meals #1

PR 30 October 2015 Stop Shooting Seals for Salmon Meals #2PR 30 October 2015 Stop Shooting Seals for Salmon Meals #3

BREAKING NEWS (9 October 2015):

"Did a seal die for your salmon meal?"

Sign #1 did a seal die for your salmon meal


Following UK media coverage on ITV News last night (a further broadcast is scheduled on ITV News tonight), supermarkets are being urged to stop sourcing farmed salmon from 'seal-unfriendly' salmon farms.  Protests are planned in Edinburgh (30 October) and in London (9 December) before a protest outside the RSPCA's head office in Sussex (10 December). 
"People still buying Scottish salmon have blood on their hands," said Don Staniford, Director of the Global Alliance Against Industrial Aquaculture.  "Next time you're in a supermarket or restaurant please ask whether a seal died for your salmon meal.  Read my lips - eating Scottish salmon is the kiss of death for seals and leaves a bad taste in the mouth."

Download press release in full via Did a seal die for your salmon meal?


Signs #1 #2 #3 low res



BREAKING NEWS (30 August 2015):

Here's a press release issued today (30 August 2015) by the Global Alliance Against Industrial Aquaculture:

"Cecil the Seal Killers Named & Shamed in Scotland - Call for Boycott of "Seal Unfriendly" Scottish Salmon"


Blood on Hands


Read more via:

"Named and shamed: the Scottish salmon farms shooting seals" (Sunday Herald, 30 August 2015)

"Data reveals third of Scots fish farms have shot seals" (The Sunday Times, 30 August 2015)

3 pack seals

7 July 2015:

GAAIA has scored a notable victory with two decisions published today by the Scottish Information Commissioner (SIC).  In both cases, the SIC has ordered Scottish Ministers to disclose damning seal-killing data in relation to salmon farms by 21 August 2015 (the SIC is required, by law, to give the Ministers at least six weeks to disclose the information). 

Read the decisions (102/2015: Number of Seals Shot) in full online here and (103/2015: Seal Killing Return Forms)  online here

Read a press release: "VICTORY: Disclosure of Seal-Killing Salmon Farm Data Ordered by 21 August" (7 July 2015)

Read a press release: "Landmark Rulings on Seal-Killing Salmon Farms - Scottish Information Commissioner to publish decisions this afternoon" (7 July 2015)


"Today's decisions are landmark rulings," said Don Staniford, Director of the Global Alliance Against Industrial Aquaculture.  "If the Scottish Government is forced yet again to disclose the names of the trigger-happy salmon farms killing seals then the public will be able to boycott seal-unfriendly Scottish salmon.  If the Scottish Information Commissioner rules in favour of non-disclosure then it will send the shameful signal that Scottish salmon farmers can get away with murder.  Either way, consumers eating lethal Scottish salmon have blood on their hands.  Better be seal-safe than sorry and boycott all Scottish salmon - even RSPCA 'Freedom Food' and ASC-certified farmed salmon which shockingly sanction the slaughter of seals."

The decisions follow repeated Freedom of Information (FOI) requests by the Global Alliance Against Industrial Aquaculture (GAAIA) since April 2012 asking the Scottish Government to name individual salmon farms killing seals.  Despite rulings by the Scottish Information Commissioner in 2012 and 2013 forcing disclosure, the Scottish Government stopped publishing site specific quarterly data in 2014 claiming in August 2014 a "significant risk of accidental injury to campaigners if they seek to get between licenced seal shooters and seals". 

3 pack seals

Read more details via GAAIA's 'Media Backgrounder: Sealed Scottish Salmon'.  


Global Alliance Against Industrial Aquaculture, 5 June 2015
EXPOSED: Scottish Salmon's Sustainability Scam
A new 'Sustainability Report' launched today by the Global Salmon Initiative is not worth the paper it is written on claims the Global Alliance Against Industrial Aquaculture (GAAIA).   
Listen to Don Staniford, Director of GAAIA, speaking on the BBC's 'Good Morning Scotland' radio show this morning from 7.30am - online here
"The Global Salmon Initiative's new 'Sustainability Report' smacks of the Emperor's New Clothes," said Don Staniford, Director of GAAIA.  "Sustainable salmon farming is a sham, scam and consumer con.  The so-called 'transparent' data is so wafer-thin that it is non-existent!  Shamefully, this report completely ignores the toxic pollution from Scottish salmon farms, Scotland's infectious disease crisis and only includes two of Scotland's salmon farming companies (ignoring lice-infested Loch Duart, Wester Ross Fisheries, Scottish Sea Farms and the Scottish Salmon Company, for example).  Even such blatant green-washing cannot hide the naked truth - that mortality rates are leaping like a lice-infested farmed salmon with a staggering one in seven farmed salmon dead at Marine Harvest Scotland.  Sea lice levels are still alarmingly high with 2014 the worst year on record and both Marine Harvest Scotland and Grieg Seafood breaching lice limits for seven out of the twelve months." [1]
Read the report in full online here
"The whole concept of 'sustainable salmon farming' is an oxymoron," continued Staniford.  "The farming of carnivores such as salmon is, by definition, inherently unsustainable.  The global salmon farming industry is draining our oceans of wild fish as a feed supply to fuel its insatiable appetite - it takes anywhere between 3 to 9 tonnes of wild fish to produce one tonne of farmed salmon!  Consequently, the words 'salmon farming' and 'sustainable' don't even belong in the same sentence let alone a whole report devoted to sustainable salmon."
"Put lipstick on a pig and it's still a pig," concluded Staniford.  "By discharging untreated sewage effluent directly into our global ocean, salmon farms are the piggeries of the sea.  Not to mention the fact that from 1 June 2013, farmed salmon was permitted by the EU to be fed on chicken and pig products.  Stop pigging out on farmed salmon - join the global consumer boycott now!"     

Lipstick MH WWF

Press release online in full here


New campaign launched on Saturday (13 December 2014) - coming to a supermarket and restaurant near you soon!

Read the press release (9 December 2014): "Shopped: Net Closes on Fishy Salmon Labelling"

Shopped logo med res

Read more online via our web-page: http://salmonfarmingkills.com/shopped

Here's a press release issued by the Global Alliance Against Industrial Aquaculture (7 September 2014) - read in full with a media backgrounder via "The Great International Salmon Swap"


Salmon Swap PR & Media Backgrounder 7 September 2014 graphic #1


Read a press release: "Scottish Salmon's Secret Seal Killers! - FOI refusal prompts call for boycott of farmed salmon" (24 August 2014)

Read more via Sunday Times: "End the secrecy over seal deaths"

Read GAAIA's request for a review (21 August 2014) following the Scottish Government's refusal to disclose the names of seal


Cigarette 2 pack

"Fatty Farmed Salmon Causes Stink In Scotland" (24 March 2014)

- FOI reveals 'Seriously Non-Compliant' effluent, "illegal discharge" of grease, fish scales & guts, "pools of blood" and "odour issues" at processing plant 
A farmed salmon processing plant operated by Wester Ross Fisheries is named and shamed as a source of a decade of environmental pollution, illegal discharges and 'seriously non-complaint' operations.  FOI requests were prompted by a whistleblower and former employee at Wester Ross Fisheries who testified to sea lice infestations at the farmed salmon processing plant in Dingwall, Ross-shire.

Read all the documents obtained via Freedom of Information from the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA), Scottish Water and Highland Council online via "FOI Dossier on Wester Ross Fisheries Processing Plant in Dingwall" (24 March 2014)

Read exclusively in The Ross-shire Journal online here


Ross-shire Journal 20 March 2014 #1 in full

********  NEWS ********

"Farmed & Dangerous Salmon - the most contaminated food on the supermarket shelf" (8 March 2014)

Read in full via Pesticides Residues in Farmed Salmon - HSE FOI Dossier (March 2014)


FOI dossier snapshot


Read exclusively in The Daily Mail (8 March): "DDT found in salmon: Pesticide discovered in farmed fish on sale in five major British supermarkets"

"Curb China's Insatiable Appetite for 'Scottish' Farmed Salmon!" (5 March 2014)

*** BREAKING NEWS - 'Salmon Farming Kills' back online!  ***

Following the shocking decision (13 February 2014) by the Supreme Court of Canada to dismiss GAAIA's application for leave to appeal, the www.salmonfarmingkills.com web-site is now back online (it was taken down subject to legal advice in August 2013).

Read more via "Staniford Relights 'Salmon Farming Kills' Campaign" (25 February 2014)


Listen to an interview (13 February) with CBC's Early Edition - listen to the podcast online here

In reaction to the Supreme Court of Canada dismissal, Don Staniford said:

"Cermaq's SLAPP suit is a slap in the face of public dissent and freedom of speech.  Shame on the  Norwegian Government - as owner of the plaintiff, Mainstream (now re-named Cermaq) - for bankrolling such Draconian legal action.  Norway may have a monopoly on salmon farming globally but Norwegian corporations surely cannot be allowed to own the law?  That the Canadian legal system has given the Norwegian Government free reign to muzzle freedom of speech speaks volumes of how undemocratic Canada has become under the Harper Government.  Freedom of speech and critical dissent is a basic democratic right."

Don Staniford PR shot

Read more via:

Censored: You Tube
Censored: The Westerly News
Statement following the Supreme Court of Canada dismissal
To Whom Do I Write the Cheque?

Watch this space for more details!

3 pack shareholders criminal free speech

July 2013

The appeal judgment in the "Salmon Farming Kills" lawsuit will be published by the BC Court of Appeal on Monday 22nd July - read online here

"Win, lose or draw, the Norwegian Government should hang their heads in shame for abusing the Canadian courts to clamp down on free speech," said Don Staniford, the Defendant.  "This is a blatant SLAPP suit designed to kill global criticism of Norway's disease-ridden salmon farming industry.  However, far from stemming dissent this lawsuit has served only to amplify the campaign to clean up the Norwegian-owned salmon farming industry.  'Salmon Farming Kills' is now common parlance – even at home in Norway where Norwegian newspapers recently reported on the health hazards and scientists warned against the consumption of contaminated farmed salmon."

Watch this space for comments and reaction to the judgment - more details online here!

Don with stickers after lawsuit victory with halo

Scottish Salmon In a Pickle!

FishyLeaks (20 January 2013) exposes the illegal use of the carcinogenic chemical Formalin in a Special Area of Conservation in Scotland.  Formalin is a highly toxic water-based solution of the known carcinogen Formaldehyde which is used as a preservative for biological specimens including artist Damien Hirst’s pickled sharks, cows and sheep.

Damien Hirst cow

“I’d rather eat one of Damien Hirst’s pickled sharks or pickled horses than chemically embalmed Scottish salmon,” said Don Staniford of the Global Alliance Against Industrial Aquaculture.  “It’s nauseating to think that the Scottish salmon farming industry’s warped idea of preservation is discharging the carcinogenic preservative Formalin into a Special Area of Conservation.  No wonder ‘fresh’ Scottish salmon has such a long shelf life!”

Read more via: "Pickled Scottish Salmon, Anyone?  Rogue Use of Carcinogen in Loch Roag" (20 January 2013)

A new report “Formalin: Scottish Salmon’s Toxic Solution” (sourced from 190 pages of Freedom of Information documents) reveals that:
- 1,400 litres of Formalin was discharged into Loch Roag “against SEPA advice”
- Formalin is a ‘carcinogen’, ‘toxic’ with a “danger of very serious irreversible effects”
-  SNH warned of “significant toxicological impacts on marine life of Loch Roag”
- The Scottish Government fast-tracked Formalin use within one week instead of 8 weeks with SEPA and SNH given only 48 hours to respond
- The Scottish Salmon Company failed to consult with conservation bodies despite admitting discharges took place in a Special Area of Conservation and National Scenic Area

Damien hirst sheep and pickles

FishyLeaks Exposes Murky Waters of Fish Farming!

FishyLeaks - the watery world's response to WikiLeaks - trawls the murky waters of the fish farming industry for leaked documents from whistleblowers and documents obtained via Freedom of Information. 

Read FishyLeaks for damning documents including data exposing sea lice infestation in Ireland; toxic chemical use in Scotland, the spread of infectious diseases in Canada and new revelations from a whistleblower inside the Scottish Salmon Company!

Fit for the Queen - Loch Duart’s Chlamydia-Contaminated Salmon?

A warning letter from the Association for the Preservation of the Eastern Shore in Nova Scotia will be delivered later today (19 November) to Loch Duart’s office in Lochmaddy.   GAAIA has also written to Her Majesty the Queen (who served Loch Duart farmed salmon at her Diamond Jubilee in June) asking her to screen her farmed salmon for Chlamydia and other infectious diseases which were reported this year in Loch Duart's "sustainable" farmed salmon.

Letter delivery 18 Nov 2012

Read a press release - "Fit for the Queen & Residents of Nova Scotia - Loch Duart’s Chlamydia-Contaminated Salmon?" - online here

Watch a video report shot yesterday (18 November) at Loch Duart’s operations in North Uist – online here

Video #5 spreads disease

Video Reports from Scotland!

Video #1

Watch video reports on our visit to Scotland:

Salmon Pharming Kills With Chemicals” (GAAIA, 12 November)
Sea Lice Kill Wild Fish” (GAAIA, 11 November)
Wild salmon of Scotland need protecting” (GAAIA, 9 November)
Skye Waters Against Fish Farming – Arthur Sevestre Explains” (GAAIA, 9 November)
David Ainsley shows us the waste impacts of salmon farms” (GAAIA, 7 November)
Don Staniford speaks at public hearing against salmon farms” (GAAIA, 7 November)
Scottish Salmon Farms Bully Island Residents” (GAAIA, 6 November)

Unnecessary Seal Deaths – Mark Carter Explains” (GAAIA, 6 November)
Salmon Farming Kills Seals!” (GAAIA, 5 November)

Scottish Salmon Stushie off the Isle of Arran” (GAAIA, 5 November)
The Stench of Scottish Salmon Farming” (GAAIA, 4 November)
Salmon Farm Disease Disaster in Lamlash Bay, Arran” (GAAIA, 3 November)
GAAIA goes to Scotland’s diseased fish farms on Arran” (GAAIA, 3 November)

Video #2

Ireland & Scotland Going Wild for Salmon!

GAAIA & Wild Salmon First head to Ireland for a week-long inspection of salmon farms (23-30 November) - starting with a public meeting in Bantry Bay on 23 November:

Bantry Bay flyer

Download the flyer as a PDF online here - read more background on Don Staniford online here

Read more via “Ireland Goes Wild Against Salmon Farming

Skye Waters Against Fish Farming!

Arthur Sevestre with WHFP


Local communities across Scotland are rising up against the "carpet-bombing" of the West coast by Norwegian-owned salmon farming corporations.  On the Isle of Skye in the Western Isles, a new group called Skye Waters Against Fish Farming (SWAFF) was officially launched this week at a public meeting in Armadale (8 November) to fight Marine Harvest's plan for a super-sized salmon farm in Loch Slapin.

Read more via “Skye Waters Against Fish Farming

Skye Fall for Scottish Salmon!

"The sky is falling on the Scottish salmon farming industry," said Don Staniford in a press release (6 November).

Skyfall diseased salmon farm

GAAIA & Wild Salmon First will be visiting the Isle of Skye (7-9 November) including a public meeting in Armdale on 8 November (read Intinerary in full online here). 

Read more via the dossier: "Gill Diseases: Scottish Salmon's Dirty Big Secret"

Armdale talk 8 Nov 2012

Download the poster in full online here

Follow our tour around Scotland and Ireland (2-30 November) online here and more background online here

Watch video reports on our visit to Scotland:
Unnecessary Seal Deaths – Mark Carter Explains” (GAAIA, 6 November)
Salmon Farming Kills Seals!” (GAAIA, 5 November)

Scottish Salmon Stushie off the Isle of Arran” (GAAIA, 5 November)
The Stench of Scottish Salmon Farming” (GAAIA, 4 November)
Salmon Farm Disease Disaster in Lamlash Bay, Arran” (GAAIA, 3 November)
GAAIA goes to Scotland’s diseased fish farms on Arran” (GAAIA, 3 November)
Norwegian Fish Farms Get Out!  Flying the flag for wild salmon” (GAAIA, 1 November)

Staniford in Scotland - Day 1 reporting from Isle of Arran

"We're here at ground zero in Scotland's disease disaster," said GAAIA's Don Staniford. "They've had mass mortalities here dating back to 2007."   Watch a video report from wind-swept Scotland - online here

Don Arran Video #1

Read more via "Ground Zero in Scotland's Salmon Wars!"

Read the itinerary in full online here

Scotland & Ireland Tour - November 2012

Flying the Flag for Wild Salmon in Scotland & Ireland
- November Tour Itinerary Unveiled

Flag with gaaia stickers

From November 2nd to 30th, Don Staniford of GAAIA and Elena Edwards of Wild Salmon First will be touring salmon farms in Scotland and Ireland.   The itinerary includes a public hearing on the Isle of Mull (5th) as well as public meetings in Armadale on Skye (8th), Ullapool (12th), Harris (15th) and Bantry Bay (23rd).  Protests are planned in Edinburgh (21st) and Dublin (29th) - see below for the itinerary in full.

Wild salmon first #5 collage

Read the itinerary in full online here

Watch a video report explaining more on the visit:

Don Video 1 Nov 2012 Flying Flag trip
Watch online here!


Mainstream Canada appeals lawsuit loss (15 October)!

"Mainstream Canada and their parent company Cermaq have once again ignored the first rule of PR: when in a hole stop digging," commented Don Staniford who will be fighting the appeal.  "Cermaq's knee-jerk reaction to appeal is yet another case of this multi-million dollar company shooting itself in the foot.  Common sense is clearly not a currency this Norwegian-owned multinational is used to dealing in"

3 pack shareholders criminal free speech

"The ugly truth is that Norwegian-owned salmon farming kills all around the world," continued Staniford.  "No amount of sabre-rattling, intimidation and bullying by this Norwegian Government-owned corporation will alter the fact that salmon farming kills sea lions, spreads infectious diseases and even results in the death of their own workers."  

3 pack cancer global weeping sore


Read more details via "Cermaq Dig Deeper Hole by Appealing Lawsuit Loss"

Global News Update - now online!

“Sicko Salmon”/“Farms & Disease”/“PR Disaster”/“Passionate Pleas” – in full online here!

The latest Global News Update includes media coverage from Canada, Scotland, New Zealand, Australia, United States, Ireland, Norway and the Netherlands (where two people have died from eating salmonella-infected farmed salmon - with the Dutch health agency warning that the death toll could rise to 17).

Read more global news - including an archive - online here

Staniford Wins Lawsuit (28 September)!

Judgment summary

Read Judgment in full online here

More details via:

Rafe Mair's Landmark Free Speech Case Credited in Salmon Activist Staniford's Victory” (Common Sense Canadian, 12 October)
Lessons from a fish farm defamation lawsuit” (West Coast Environmental Law, 12 October)

Salmon-farming activist wins in court” (The Canadian Press, 29 September)

Court dismisses salmon farming defamation suit” (Times Colonist, 29 September)

Activist wins defamation case launched by salmon-farming company” (The Canadian Press, 29 September)

B.C. Supreme Court upholds right of anti-salmon farm activist to make defamatory remarks/“Court upholds salmon farm foe's right to make defamatory remarks” (The Vancouver Sun/Times Colonist, 29 September)


Judgment Day in Salmon Farming Kills Lawsuit (28 September)

Read Justice Adair's judgment online here (to be posted from 10.30am PST on Friday 28 September 2012)

Read more via "Judgment Day in Salmon Farming Kills Lawsuit"

Cermaq photo #4
If Cermaq’s lawsuit and injunction are successful, over fifty statements will be deemed illegal and “any person”, “servants” or “agents” will be ordered to remove the ‘Defamatory Words’ from the internet:

Cermaq photo #5

Read more background via “Norway’s Injunction Kills Free Speech!” and “Gagging the Truth Becomes Mainstream

Read Cermaq's 'Amended Notice of Civil Claim' -  online here

Staniford Testifies to Salmon Inquiry in New Zealand (26 Sept)

“GAAIA believes that further expansion of salmon farming in the Marlborough Sounds will inevitably trigger waste pollution, benthic contamination, toxic algal blooms as well as the spread of infectious diseases and mass mortality events,” said Don Staniford in his testimony (26 September 2012).  “If the history of salmon farming tells us anything at all it is the fact that overproduction causes problems wherever salmon farms operate.  New Zealand ignores the global warnings at its peril.” 


Don Staniford PR shot

“Permitting salmon farming expansion is an open invitation for disaster and would jeopardise New Zealand’s green and clean image abroad,” continued Staniford.  “Sanctioning even one new farm (let alone nine farms) in the Marlborough Sounds would be 100% irresponsible.  There is only one Marlborough Sounds and once the Malaysian-owned King Salmon has fouled New Zealand’s nest it will simply move on and pollute somewhere else.” 
Read more details via “New Zealand’s King-Sized Salmon Problem

Stop the 'Killer Panda'!

GAAIA has written to WWF with the simple message: Please withdraw your support for the slaughter of marine mammals (including pregnant seals and protected sea lions) by salmon farms.

Read the letter (9 July) to WWF online here  

Read more background online here

Scotland’s Seal Killers Named & Shamed! 

- Ban on ‘Seal Unfriendly’ Farmed Salmon?

The shocking extent of seal killing by salmon farming companies across Scotland can be revealed for the first time today (28 June) following a FOI request.  According to data supplied by Marine Scotland, over 300 seals were killed during 2011 and 2012 (up to April) by serial killers including Marine Harvest, Loch Duart, Scottish Seafarms (Leroy & Salmar), Meridian (Morpol), Hjaltland Seafarms (Grieg Seafood) and The Scottish Salmon Company. 


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Cermaq's Crisis in Canada!

A letter was sent today (24 May) to Cermaq's CEO Jon Hindar regarding the non-disclosure of disease data - read online here!

The Global Alliance Against Industrial Aquaculture (GAAIA) also filed a formal complaint with the Oslo Stock Exchange (Børs). GAAIA’s complaint provides evidence of non-disclosure in Canada relating to:

1) Cermaq’s refusal to publish disease data
2) Damning disease data released via the Cohen Commission
3) Cermaq’s refusal to allow Government inspectors onto sites
4) Lack of transparency on risks of Infectious Salmon Anaemia
5) Breach of bio-security relating to Infectious Haematopoietic Necrosis

Read more via 'Cermaq's Crisis in Canada!'

"GET OUT of Hardangerfjord" say the Green Warriors of Norway!

The Green Warriors of Norway have launched a new campaign against the Norwegian salmon farming industry. Banners and billboards (in Norwegian and English) were posted around the Hardangerfjord region urging salmon farms to ‘Get Out’.

"Get Out" means the same in any language!

Read more online here

Watch out for the 'Abominable Salmon Council' - bringing 'responsible' farmed salmon to a supermarket near you soon!

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Read the latest news on Don Staniford's move to Norway!

Online via 'So Long & Thanks for all the Fish: Goodbye Canada, Hello Norway!'

Read a report (in English for the first time) on Norwegian salmon farming from the Green Warriors of Norway - online here!

Read a damning new report from the Office of the Auditor General of Norway - online here!

Download the itinerary of the Norwegian delegation visiting Canada (5-9 March) - online here!

Latest News on the Lawsuit - Read online here!

The 20-day trial between the Norwegian Government (via the state owned corporation Cermaq) and Don Staniford ended on Friday (10 February) with Cermaq's lawyers asking the judge (Justice Elaine Adair) for an immediate injunction. 

Read more via: "Gagging the Truth Becomes Mainstream"

If successful, the injunction would outlaw bumper stickers like ‘Friends Don’t Let Friends Eat Farmed Salmon’ and 'Wild Salmon Don't Do Drugs' and truthful statements corroborated by peer-reviewed science such as ‘Salmon Farming Spreads Disease’ and ‘Salmon Farming Kills Wild Baby Salmon’.

Read more via: "Norway's Injunction Kills Free Speech!

Don Staniford will be deported from Canada on 29 February following a 'Deportation Party' in Vancouver (28 February).

Read more via: "Anti fish-farm activist to be sent home after hearing"

Read about how Cermaq want an injunction: "Closing Norway's Noose on Freedom of Speech" - online here!

Read about "Cermaq's Clusterfuck" - online here!

Watch Norwegian TV on the lawsuit - including an interview with a Norwegian law professor stating that Cermaq's case is "very thin" - online here!

Please donate to the legal fighting fund online here!

GAAIA re-launches "Salmon Farming Kills" campaign

The Global Alliance Against Industrial Aquaculture is fighting back against the Norwegian-owned salmon farming industry and their heavy-handed lawyers who closed down the GAAIA web-site in March 2011.  

GAAIA today (22nd January 2012) re-launched the web-site with the new domain name 'Salmon Farming Kills' - a day after Norwegian TV broadcast a news report on the lawsuit.

Watch online here (click on the orange play icon)

"Put that in your pipe and smoke it," said Don Staniford (author of the forthcoming report
'Smoke on the Water, Cancer on the Coast').  "Norwegian-owned salmon farming is blowing smoke all over the globe.  The industry's PR campaigns are nothing more than smoke and mirrors which must be exposed.  For the sake of wild salmon, fishermen, First Nations, bears, eagles, orcas, future generations and our global ocean we must stub out salmon farming from the face of the blue planet."

"The warning message to the Norwegian multinationals who are spreading disease-ridden salmon farms around the world like a malignant cancer is simple," Staniford continued.  "Quit salmon farming and quit spreading lies and misinformation.  For consumers the choice is clear - Quit eating farmed salmon or keep endangering the health of wild salmon and our global ocean.  We need to speak for the salmon and stand tall against the Norwegian-owned corporations killing our wild fish, spreading infectious diseases and misinformation about the health of farmed salmon.  The writing is on the wall for this Norwegian-owned salmon farming industry."

Please support the work of GAAIA - details online here

For more details on the 'Salmon Farming Kills' lawsuit Vs. Cermaq (owned by the Norwergian Government) - online here

The court case started in the Supreme Court of British Columbia in Vancouver on 16th January 2012 and is scheduled to last 20 days - Justice Elaine Adair is the presiding judge and the court sits from 10am to 4pm (Monday to Friday) and the courtroom # is 52 (Hornby/Nelson St. entrance). 

For more background read our press release "Global Health Warning Issued on Farmed Salmon"

More details and photos online now via 'News', 'Salmon Farming Kills' and 'Smoke on the Water, Cancer on the Coast'

For more information please contact Don Staniford: dstaniford@gaaia.org

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